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These terms and conditions of use determine the relationship between you (the user) and we Fenix-Option (the company).

Property Rights
You acknowledge that all intellectual property on this site belongs to Fenix-Option.com, and you have no right on the site other than use in accordance with terms and conditions. It is strictly forbidden to copy or reproduce all or part of the site and send it to a third party.

External Sites
Fenix-Option.com may be external affiliate links or unaffiliated. Fenix-Option.com cannot be held responsible in relation to the services offered by one of these Fenix-Option.com not in any way recommend the products or services, or any information contained on these external links.

Fenix-Option.com cannot, under any circumstances, in any form and ensure access to the Site or its use will be uninterrupted and be held responsible for any inconvenience caused. Fenix-Option.com reserves the right at any time to update or total or partial cessation of services maintenance defiant.
Fenix-Option.com cannot be held responsible for any loss or expenses related to the null or partial use of services.
Bugs or delays in the execution of orders transmitted by the user can occur at any time be due to any malfunction or otherwise. Fenix-Option.com shall in no event be liable for any loss on account of the user.

Limitations related to account
Fenix-Option.com may at its sole discretion limit the possibilities about the amounts and / or the number of active and / or the number of transactions within a defined time Fenix-Option.com one or other limitations applied by trader, or group of traders.

Fenix-Option.com is under no obligation of confidentiality with respect to information held, except in direct connection with its privacy policy.

Deposits and Unpaid
Fenix-Option.com reserves the right in case of refusal rate on the credit card used by the customer to make other attempts at later times and through other billing companies.
In case of cancellation of the bank transaction by the user, Fingering can use all the evidence in its possession including any recordings of conversations and any documents related to the confirmation of the identity of the user. For transmission to any establishment of collection and / or to any legal proceedings. The user will be charged between all other costs related to this transaction.

Fenix-Option.com offers a trading platform giving you the opportunity to make financial transactions on different types of treatment of binary options.
The user may at any time give the explicit right to team Fenix-Option.com open transactions directly to the account of the user. In case the user wants to give himself to Fenix-Option.com choices opening transactions, Fenix-Option.com will not be obliged to accept the opening of transactions requested or make this request with accuracy. Fenix-Option.com cannot be held liable for any limited or significant loss of principal user.
At the same, the user recognizes the right to Fenix-Option.com to repossess his username and his password.
Fenix-Option.com reserves the right to refuse any order option without having to give an explanation of this fact.
User agrees that errors, whether resulting in a profit or loss can be corrected by keeping the same terms applied to the amount and market value selected. The user's account will be credited in the amount of investment the greater the gain.
The user will not use trading systems that do not match perfectly ethical domain. He did not proceed either to reverse engineer and will not use robotic machines at the opening of its transactions. Any improper use of the account will be subject to immediate closure of the account and the user will not have the benefit of his balance.

For any withdrawal requested by the user, a request to provide documents or any other type of identification confirmation of the Customer will be required. It allows among others to fight against money laundering.withdrawal is possible only from 1 to 10 of each months are
An official photo identification (eg identity card, driving license or passport photo)
Front and back of the credit card used for your deposits.
Deposits by credit card will be according to the regulations of the issuers of credit cards, returned to the same credit card when running withdrawal. A withdrawal to a bank account will be considered when the initial deposits were made by credit card at the sole discretion of Fenix-Option.com.
A bank transfer from one account to be established for any capital, the day of the withdrawal request, exceeding the amount of the initial deposit by credit card.
Fenix-Option.com will be required to make a withdrawal for the user if it meets all the requirements of sections contained in the terms and conditions Fenix-Option.com, including the article on special conditions for the bonus awarded to the user.
In case of death or loss of legal capacity of the user, if the user is an individual, the full remaining balance of the user balance may be entrusted to his legal heir. The latter will be bound by all the terms related to the user's account at the time of his disability.

Special conditions for bonuses
Fenix-Option.com any legal right (but not required) to offer premium promotional offers or any other type of benefit for the client, set the conditions and / or change without notice to the Client.
The Company will not be subject to the reason for its decision, and will not be forced to do so in the future operations of the client.
For any deposit made on the platform, an automatic bonus will be applied depending on the type of account chosen.
User's capital and the Bonus and any winnings in connection therewith can not be removed by the customer after the execution of a minimum trading volume reaching 20-40 times the sum of all deposits made by client added to the sum of all bonuses received by the client.
The calculation of the volume of trading is required based on the transaction won and lost by the customer with the exception open to the same expiration in a different direction and transactions. Example: If a client opens a transaction with direction Call and another Put on the same asset and the same expiration; only one transaction will be validated during the final calculation of the volume of trade required.
This restriction is also subject to customers who received training by one of the counselors Fenix-Option.com.
This Bonus Policy is subject to full compliance with the customer to these terms.
In the event that the Company would provide a financial benefit to the client, and the client continues to use the services of Fenix-Option.com for a period of 12 months, the financial bonus granted to the Customer will be canceled.

The user declares at the opening of the account to be a physics major and he has full mental capacity person.
The user declares that he sent to Fenix-Option.com complete and accurate information in all respects and the Customer shall promptly notify Fenix-Option.com any change in this respect.
The user is the sole owner of the account. Unless written agreement Fenix-Option.com he can never forward this property to a third party.
The user declares to have read, understood and accepted all the items contained in these terms and conditions at the opening of the trading account in Fenix-Option.com.
All the services offered by Fenix-Option.com will not be used by the user for any illegal purposes.
The user declares to be aware of the risks of options and derivatives trading. The user should avoid investing sums up to its daily risk. If this happens the user can continue Fenix-Option.com with any legal or other institution.
The user declares to be aware and accept that Fenix-Option.com reserves the right to record all or part of the conversations between him and any interlocutor Fenix-Option.com. These records will be considered as evidence in legal proceedings or previous with Fenix-Option.com.

Amendments to Articles
In case of disability of one or more items of our terms and conditions by a competent court, the other items remain in full force and effect.
The user accepts that Fenix-Option.com may at any time decide to cancel and / or modify one or more items without notifying its customers.
All written and oral agreement can not avoid the user of these terms and conditions.

Termination of user account
The user will be checked carefully when requesting termination of his account. It will be accepted only if the full account all items of terms and conditions.

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